Camp in Yosemite

Camping in Yosemite is a wonderful, awe-inspiring experience, one I recommend all to enjoy at least once in their lifetime.  There are countless ways to spend your time within Yosemite!  There’s something for everyone to do during their stay, from the most avid hiker/backpacker, to the beginner car camper.  Activities range from hiking trails, to swimming, to horseback riding, to site-seeing, to just relaxing at the campsite.

Listing all that’s available to do in Yosemite would take ages to do, and more space than what’s available here. is meant as a resource for all aspects of camping within Yosemite, and will be a continuous work in progress.  Frequent updates will include more information on the history and formation of the park itself; the rules and regulations within the park; tips and requirements for camping in Yosemite; reviews on numerous aspects, including campsites, trails, popular places to visit, service, products, and gear; and general info on the park.

Also take a look at my blog, where I offer opinions, experiences, and thoughts on various, sometimes random, topics related to the park, and camping in general.

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